Maleficarum (2011)


Maleficarum (2011)

Information :

Genres: Drama
Director:Jac Avila
Cast: Amy Hesketh,Mila Joya,Roberto Lopez

User reviews :

Maleficarum (2011) by Jac Avila is a good screen play by an independent
Bolivian film company. It is a good historical fiction loosely based on
María Francisca Ana de Castro, a Spanish immigrant to Alta Peru, who
was renowned for her beauty and wealth. She was arrested and accused of
"judaizing". After many days of Torture before confessing; She was
burned at the stake in 1726. This event was a major spectacle in Lima,
but it raised questions about possible irregular procedures and about
the corruption within the Inquisition, this lead to the end of The Holy
Office (The Inquisition) in Peru. The director, Jac Avila, and actors
try to recreated the actual realistic suffering in great detail of what
the victims of the Spanish Inquisition had to endure. The best was the
director's use of the actors' facial and body language, it was very
cerebral and visual at the same time. This viewer marveled at the
simplicity of that movie and how it got its complex message across, the
script and the story plot was very well thought out. The dialogs of the
accusers and witnesses did well in showing the bias and superstitions
of that time.

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